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Nerve Growth Factor

PI: Mike Rafii, MD, PhD.

Time Involved

24 Months


Nerve Growth factor (NGF) research is a phase 2 double-blind placebo controlled study. The purpose is to test the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of a new experimental gene transfer drug called Cere-110 in those with mild-to-moderate AD. Studies suggest that NGF may help increase the survival of neurons that degenerate in AD. The ability of NGF to prevent brain cell loss in animal models of AD has led to delivering NGF to humans. In this study NGF is delivered directly by surgical insertion into the region of the brain where cell death occurs. Gene therapy is experiemental and has not yet been approved by the FDA


  • 55-80 years old
  • On stable AD medication for 3 months
  • Have a study partner for all visits
  • Fluent in English
  • Are in general good health

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