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Our DLB Research Team

Joanne M. Hamilton, PhD, is trying to understand why visual problems including hallucinations occur in DLB and how they relate to disease progression.

Mark W. Bondi, PhD, is examining what is causing the thinking problems associated with dementia by taking pictures of the brain while participants solve problems, look at pictures, and memorize lists

Jim Brewer, MD, PhD, is studying whether newly developed brain imaging procedures can improve our ability to correctly diagnose different types of dementia. 

Vince Filoteo, PhD, is studying whether measures of certain types of memory can identify people who are at greatest risk for rapid cognitive decline so that appropriate patients can be identified for future medication trials.  

David Song, MD, PhD, is measuring changes in the brainstem of patients with DLB using a quick and easy ultrasound in the hope that these measurements can serve as biomarkers of the disease.

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