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MAP aims to:

Educate Seniors about typical age-associated changes in memory and thinking and how these differ from changes associated with MCI and dementia.

Assess changes in memory and thinking of individuals concerned about their memory function but who do not have a definite diagnosis of memory impairment. A brief research based memory screening is conducted to assess the likelihood of cognitive change warranting further examination.

Involve qualified individuals in ongoing memory research with the goal of learning how to halt or slow further progression of memory decline that may lead to dementia.

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Candidate Criteria

You may qualify if you are 60 years of age or older and are concerned about gradual change in your memory or other thinking skills. Someone who knows you well and could serve as your study partner must be available to speak by phone with one of our nurses about changes they have observed in your memory and other day-to-day functioning.


Benefits to YOU: You benefit by learning more about whether your memory is typical or atypical for your age. If memory screening suggests atypical decline for your age, you may be invited to participate in a more thorough research evaluation through the Shiley-Marcos ADRC Longitudinal study.

Benefits to Science: It is only with the help of people like you that scientists can study age-and disease-associated memory changes and find ways of intervening to slow or prevent progression of memory decline.



There is no fee for participation. The only cost to you is in the travel, time, and effort involved.



  • You will speak with a staff member by phone about your concerns and complete a brief interview about your memory and other medical history.
  • You will come to our research center to complete a brief (1 hr.) screening assessment of your memory and other thinking skills, if appropriate.
  • You will receive feedback about your memory performance and if qualified consider participating in one or more research studies examining early memory change.


Research Registry

Are you interested in participating in a research study but don't currently see one that suits you? You can now join our Research Registry to be placed on a list for future studies. 

*Call the ADRC 858-822-4800 and ask for Christina Gigliotti for more information.