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Brain Autopsy

Our team of neuropathologists maintain a state of the art Alzheimer's brain bank with well characterized cases, including Mild Cognitive Impairment and Lewy Body disease.  An AD diagnosis can only be conclusively made by examining the brain after death in an autopsy to identify the characteristic plaques and tangles. Autopsy provides valuable information that can educate and enlighten families, physicians, and researchers, who are working to discover more reliable tests for AD. The autopsy results of AD patients who have been followed over time at our ADRC are espcially valuable because in conjunction with the substantial tratment and care histories that are collected, researchers can obtain information essential to the search for effective treatments for AD. This research will contribute to our eventual understanding of the chain of events that leads to AD and related dementias.

Dr. Hansen's Brain Cutting Video Now Available!

As requested by attendees of the 2010 ADRC, "Alzheimer's Disease: Update on Research, Treatment, and Care" CME Conference, Dr. Lawrence Hansen's presentation is now available for viewing.

click here to view the video